Travel Clinics

If you wish to take your pet (dog, cat or ferret) on holiday with you to Europe, they need to be issued with a PETS Passport. At Cedarwood Vets we have Vets who have undertaken the additional training required in order to be licensed to issue these passports.

In order to be issued with a PETS passport your pet needs to be microchipped and vaccinated against Rabies, these can be done at the time of issuing the passport. Your pet will then be able to travel to Europe from 3 weeks after the date of vaccination.

The rabies vaccination should then be repeated every 3 years, and providing there is no lapse in vaccination they will be able to travel in and out of the UK to Europe as you wish, with an up to date passport.

Before re-entry into the UK your pet will need to be seen by a vet in Europe between 24 and 120 hours before your planned return. They will worm your pet with a wormer effective against Echinococcus; a nasty parasite that can be fatal if transmitted to humans (The species of Echinococcus in question is not currently found in the UK and it is government policy to keep it out). The vet will then stamp and sign the relevant section of the passport to allow your pet to travel back into the UK.

If you wish to take your pet outside Europe we recommend you contact us so we can advise you of the best way of finding out the individual requirements for the country you are visiting. These requirements vary drastically between countries.