Farewell Clinics

It’s difficult to envision life without our much-loved pets. We like to think that they will always be with us. We would hope our pets will gently pass in their sleep, as this would save us from having to make a very difficult decision. Unfortunately it rarely happens this way and we then have to discuss quality of life and putting our pet to sleep with the Vet. Euthanasia, when carried out at the right time, is one of the last acts of kindness we can do for our pets, but for many owners the procedure is unknown and therefore worrying prospect. That’s why we offer the opportunity for you to come into the practice to discuss the process and your options prior to the appointment.

We have also provided some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to making this decision. We hope you find this useful, but please do not hesitate to call us and book a Farewell Consultation.


When is it the right time?

There is no easy or correct answer to this question. If you feel their quality of life has deteriorated, book in a consultation to discuss with a member of the clinical team.


Where will the euthanasia take place?

The euthanasia can be carried out here at the practice or, if you prefer, in your own home at a mutually convenient time.


Will I be able to stay with my pet?

Of course, most owners wish to remain with their pet. You will be offered the choice and the decision of whether or not to stay is ultimately yours, but it may be nicer for your pet if you are present. Even if you do not stay you can see your pet, and spend some time with him or her afterwards if you wish.


Will my other pets grieve?

Pets observe every change in a household, and are bound to notice the absence of a companion. Pets often form strong bonds to one another, and the survivor of such a pair may seem to grieve for its companion. Cats grieve for dogs, and dogs for cats. You may need to give your surviving pets extra attention and love to help them through this time.





What happens afterwards?


There are 3 options for you, once your pet has been put to sleep.

  • You may take your pet home with you for a burial.
  • You may opt for your pet to go for standard cremation, where your pets ashes will not be returned to you.
  • You may opt for the individual cremation where your pet will be individually cremated and the ashes will be returned to you in a wooden casket or a tasteful disposable scatter pouch.