Dental Surgery

Gum and mouth disease occurs in 80% of dogs and cats older than 3 years and is also a common problem in rabbits and rodents.  Here at Cedarwood Vets we recognise the importance of dental care and therefore have installed advanced dental facilities to carry out both routine oral hygiene work and treatment of more advanced dental and periodontal disease.

All pets undergoing Veterinary dental treatment will have a full oral examination alongside a full set of dental radiographs, taken using our state of the art digital dental x-ray system, to assess the health of the teeth below the gum line to ensure any problems can be correctly identified and treated.

A through dental cleaning process involving performing a scale and polish with our piezoelectric scaler is performed on every patient allowing treatment of periodontal and gum disease.

After oral examination and x-ray, teeth identified as too severely affected by periodontal disease to be treated via a scale and polish alone will then be extracted by the most appropriate method. The Veterinary surgeons at Cedarwood Vets are highly trained and equipped with the skill set to perform both non-surgical and surgical extractions in a safe and efficient manner. Local anaesthetics are used alongside general anaesthesia and appropriate painkillers to ensure a smooth anaesthetic & minimal post-operative pain.